Things to Know About Buying Gaming Mice

Gaming mice are excellent tools in the gamer’s arsenal as they boasts various practical features that will help improve your game. When choosing the best mouse for your gaming style and your needs, there are a few things to consider so you can make the best decision and get a mouse that perfectly fits you. You can read reviews of the best gaming mice of 2014 at

Enhanced DPI

DPI is the mouse’s sensitivity and usually the higher the DPI, the faster the mouse moves when your hand moves it. High sensitivity is great if you can handle the speed in fast-paced games, while low sensitivity is useful in first-person shooters. Standard optical mice usually work at about 800 DPI and gaming mice offer a wide range of DPI settings that can reach as high as 8200 DPI. If you don’t need a very high sensitivity, there’s no need to spend more money on a better mouse just to know you can use it.

Adjustable DPI

Gaming mice can usually support 3-5 DPI settings that you can fully adjust to your needs or preset settings that can’t be changed, but you can switch between them when needed, such as 800 DPI, 1600 DPI or 2400 DPI. Many mice allow you to change DPI settings on-the-fly with the press of a button so you can switch from high sensitivity in a fast-paced game to low sensitivity, like when you’re using a sniper.

Programmable buttons

They’re nice to have as you can program and customize them to your particular needs to either replace keystrokes or store entire macros and various other functions. Some have 2-3 extra buttons while others have even 10 programmable buttons, great if you want to fully customize your game.

Mouse acceleration

It’s usually best to disable the acceleration as it causes unpredictable movements when you generally want to know exactly how your mouse will reach at certain movements, but you can still use it if you need it as high acceleration can be used with a low DPI setting for good accuracy.

Setting profiles

Most gaming mice store configurations in different profiles that you can switch to and from when playing different games and the profiles are usually stored in the mouse’s onboard memory and available at a click. Excellent when you have different mouse settings for different games.

Variable Polling Rate
Typical mice have a polling rate of 125Hz, so the mouse is reporting input 125 times per second, which is good for casual use, but for gaming you should go for higher rates like 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Gaming mice come in lots of shapes and sizes and they usually have a smooth, soft rubberized surface that makes them easy to grip, while others have textured plastic cases and some use glossy-looking plastic. They also have interesting shapes, so it’s best to try out what’s the shape most comfortable for you.

Wired or Wireless

Wired mice are typically a little faster than wireless mice, but nowadays the differences are very small as the wireless technology has gotten better, but if you value top speed and don’t want to run out of batteries for your wireless mouse in the middle of the game, you can stick to a wired mouse.


Top Portable Air Conditioner Manufacturers

What makes a good portable air conditioner is a popularly asked question. However, there is another important question to ask. What companies are the best air conditioner companies on the market? Is it the larger companies that rule this industry or the smaller companies? It seems there’s a balance between the two. Younger lighter business models are starting to compete with the older larger juggernauts and multi-national conglomerates. There are no middlemen here. Either the company is relatively new or made pre millenium. To get more info head on over to for portable air conditioner reviews and links to the best prices on these companies respective products.


This company has been around since 2010. The have a lot of product lines focus around portable technology and refrigeration. Some of their products are industrial level wine and refrigeration units. They have a core passion for making the best cooling technology and keeping eco-friendly. Their five stage eco filters are the best on the market and the greenest.


A leader in the air conditioning industry for a long time, Honeywell is one of the most widely used companies. Hayward has been around since 1906 and is a multi industry conglomerate like GE that is involved in in aerospace, energy, and appliances. It’s multi-purpose home line of appliances range from data centers to air conditioners. Their size and huge engineering talent lets you know your product will be built to the most stringent conditions.


The second oldest company edgestar has been around since 1999. Their air conditioner focus line of products is the most robust out of all the companies with the most models to choose from. They have long standing experience in air conditioners and what makes them good.

Quirky + GE

This is a newcomer to the industry. With the speed and flexibility received from new business models, newer companies are revolutionizing these latent industries. They aren’t sexy but with wireless capabilities and mobile technologies they are becoming sexier than ever. Quirky + GE is the first iPhone app enabled portable A/C wall unit.

The most exciting company to watch seems to be Quirky + GE. The side branding may help them stand alone in comparison to competitors like Honeywell whose branding limits them while Quirky liberates GE. The fact that their technology and business model is similar to a slew of new tech companies bringing mobile technologies to out of date industries.


Invest in Comfort with Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvet Covers

For most people, the bedroom is a sacred place that must be designed for the most optimal degree of comfort. It is where we return to every single night to recharge for the coming day. We spent so many hours occupying our bedrooms, and sleeping in our beds, it is no wonder there are so many of us who are particular about the way we sleep and what we choose to sleep on. If you have found yourself in need of an upgrade or a bedroom makeover in order to help increase your quality of sleep, then you should consider investing in a egyptian cotton sheets which you can read more about here. Duvet covers are another great addition which you can find more information for here. It is commonly known that this is one of the best possible ways to enhance your resting experience without having to do too much work.

Egyptian cotton bedding provides you with a greater degree of comfort due to the high thread count and greater degree of quality, compared to most other types of bed linens. The cotton that is used to manufacture these sheets comes from Egypt, and it is unique because it is made of pure cotton. Once the cotton has been sewn into a final product, the material results is extremely durable and strong. This will make it last much longer than other kinds of bed sheets that do not have a very high-thread count or that are mixed with other materials that are less resistant to the normal wear and tear that occurs after use. Another great aspect is that it can be purchased for a relatively reasonable price. Though you may end up spending a little more on Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers in comparison to other standard types of bedding, you must understand that you will get more bang for your buck. In other words, you are investing in these sheets for quality purposes.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers is a great addition to add to your bedding purchase for many reasons. First off, this is not your typical duvet, the material is a lot thicker due to the type of fibers that are used to manufacture them. You may have already experienced the bliss of an egyptian cotton duvet cover at a hotel, because this is typically where they are used to provide guests with ultimate comfort. It is also important to note before you move forward with your purchase, that because the material is thicker, it typically means that it will keep you much warmer throughout the night. This is great for consumers and people who live in cooler climates, or for people who experience cold fronts periodically throughout the year.

Aside from the quality of the material, egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers come in various styles and sizes. You will never be limited in the choices that are available to you if you choose to invest in this type of bedding. You even have the ability to purchase multiple styles in multiple colors to filter throughout the year. It is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed if you make decide to buy this bedding.

What is Danish Modern Furniture

Danish modern furniture is an old World War 2 era design that utilizes natural materials and modern space conscious designs to produce high quality, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing designs using very little materials. The necessity of such a design comes from Danish furnitures wartime roots. During the war materials were hard to come by as most metals and textiles were directed to wartime efforts. In addition, due to the constant relocation and limited space as a result of war refugees, the designs themselves had to be made very space conscious. The result was sleek lines, minimalist designs, and natural materials like birch, oak, and linen.

Danish furniture first started gaining huge notoriety in the 1950’s and 60’s. Contemporary designers and artist would generate entire collections focused on Danish Furniture. The resulting fallout was an untold amount of high quality, functional, and sophisticated furniture as art. These designs are sometimes reminiscent of shows like ‘The Brady Bunch” and “Bewitched”.

Although interested died down for the products throughout the 70’ and 80’s, the 90’s brought new found interest in the now vintage products. Original works from artist collections began being snatched up by collectors that love vintage furniture like FurnishMeVintage, investors, and enthusiasts. The popularity became so large for these vintage furniture collectors and consumers that international brand IKEA modeled a majority of their product lines after the Danish modern furniture. Their construction thought is typically lower quality. This allows them to offer their knock off danish furniture around the world for low prices. The downside though is they can’t hold up over time and a trained eye can spot the differences. While original works dating to the 50’s are still in mint condition, you’ll often find a year old IKEA equivalent broken or partially distorted from use. as it’s been more than 50 years since it began, Danish Furniture has become a pillar of modern design that will only push into the new millenium with as much fervor as when it came in existence.

These original works are now assets to investors and collectors. Valuable collections filled with history and importance. Often times these original works of art can run many times the average items cost. While IKEA may offer you a set of stools for $50 bucks a piece, A real Danish set may set you back one or two thousand dollars for four. That doesn’t make them overpriced though. These are rare artisan products. Like modern antiques without look of colonial times and Quaker pilgrim styles, Modern Danish Furniture is a breath of fresh air for furniture, new or old.

5 Tips For Choosing Minecraft Server Hosting

There are many choices available that offer minecraft server hosting but only a few can offer your server the reliability you need at a price you can afford. There are a combination of items that need to be taken into consideration when looking at different companies to make sure that you are not falling into a scam or risk your finished world to get deleted. Make sure to check each of these recommendations before purchasing hosting and starting to build your very own server.

1. Denial of Service Protection

One of the most common causes of a server going down is known as a DDOS attack which are becoming more and more common these days. The problem is that there are many tools available online that people can gain access to and use to launch a denial of service attack against your server. It is expensive for a minecraft hosting company to include the hardware and software necessary to mitigate these attacks so often it is overlooked and not included. Every site says that they offer protection from such attacks but you need to find out exactly what their service is rated for and how large of an attack it can withstand. Apex, a leading minecraft server hosting site is setting the standard in DDOS protected minecraft servers offering coverage of up to 300gb/s attacks which resists even incredibly large threats.

2. Processing Power

Dedicated machines are used to host multiple servers for clients so when you have 100 servers running on a single machine it isn’t uncommon that the cores will peak their usage and cause every server on the box to start lagging. Cheaper minecraft server hosting companies will use the least expensive hardware which can quickly reach 100% usage and cause lag across the board for all of their clients. This is a common problem with some major companies that try to cut costs and only have a few cores available. Better companies will use the latest CPUs that have at least 20 cores per box such as a dual E5 2670 set of processors for the server.

3. Available RAM

Without a doubt your hosting company needs to offer dedicated RAM so there is never any issues in running out of memory when you should have more. The majority of companies do offer this but some with significantly lower prices do not provide all that they claim to since the RAM is not dedicated and can be compromised.

4. Support

Everyone at some point in running their server runs into a problem that they can’t solve. It is easy for server administrators for your company to look deeper into the problem since they have access to logs that you can not see yourself. Make sure that someone is available on live chat to look into issues or there is a good response time. Every server has the possibility of running into a huge problem that can completely take the whole thing down so make sure there is someone behind you prepared to help.

5. Price

The average cost per gigabyte of memory that you pay for should be less that $10. For larger servers this can go down to $6/GB. If you are paying more than this you should look into other minecraft server hosting options as it is very reasonable to find quality hosting at this cost.

Is Buying A Quadcopter Safe?

Quadcopters, or as many people simply call them, ‘drones’, have become a popular product in the last few years. A strong decrease in their price along with more mainstream media exposure has launched this hobby into the publics eye. Flying quadcopters was once reserved to niche RC enthusiasts who were on the cutting edge of technology, but now it is easy for anyone to get their hands on one and start flying. Everyone from amateurs who have never piloted a quadcopter to experts with a lot of experience behind the controls are able to purchase a drone and start flying right out of the box. For those interested in finding the best drones to purchase check here for a full list that compares different brands and features.

Recently in the news there have been reports of injuries sustained by people due to quadcopter related activities. In one incident a quadcopter that lost control crashed into a neighboring house and caused property damage. Luckily it did not fall from a high altitude so the damage was contained to a small area. In an other incident a pilot was cut by one of the four spinning blades has he approached to close to it. Due to reports like these more people are starting to pose the question, ‘Is buying a quadcopter safe’?

In my opinion quadcopters are very safe if operated properly. That is the big catch. They need to be used by someone who knows a quadcopters limits and potential hazards. Nearly all accidents are pilot errors since the quad is just following the commands it is given by the controller. In many cases it is an amateur flier who is not used to the controls and makes a wrong move. Once the quad gets out of control these novice fliers tend to overcompensate on the controls and send the quadcopter into an uncontrollable state. It is here that crashes happen and injuries occur. There are many places to find reliable quadcopters to avoid any incidents like where you can find the best drones for sale.

There are several precautions everyone should take when starting to fly drones to minimize any hazards. First, the blade guard should always be equipped on the drone if it is available. The guard is a lightweight covering that surrounds the blades, adding a buffer between them and anything else. This is a great thing to use because it protects everyone and everything from the blades that are spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute. Serious cutting of skin can occur if a blade made contact with an exposed body part.

The second precaution is to fly in an area that is away from people and objects that you don’t want damaged. The best thing to do is fly in an open field. This provides lots of room to fly around without the potential for running into other objects. When doing this make sure all spectators stand within a designated area that you keep the quad away from.

The third tip is to never pilot a drone that is beyond your experience level. There is a wide spectrum of quadcopters available for sale, some geared towards beginners and some towards advanced pilots. If you are a beginner make sure to start out with a drone that is lightweight and small. This will ensure that any crashes don’t cause too much damage and no one will be hurt. It is always a guarantee that there will be crashes when you are first learning.

Who To Speak With Before Buying Sarasota Real Estate

Who To Speak With Before Buying Sarasota Real Estate

Making an investment in real estate is often touted as a great decision but the recent events have shown that even this market is not entirely stable and includes a certain amount of risk. What you need to do is consult with a real estate professional who has a good understanding of the area and current economical conditions. Purchasing a home that is a mile outside of the recommended location could be tragic resulting in huge losses. Even mistiming the market by a few months could have major implications on the amount of return that you get on your real estate investment. Sarasota is one of the hottest places in the United States for real estate professionals so there is much competition and the only way to succeed is working with the best real estate agent. William True of True Sarasota has been in this area for many years and knows exactly how to help you make the best decision on whether to spend money on real estate or not. This is a list of the items that he will cover with you while leading up the answer for this question.

You will need to look into the timing on the market and make sure that the basic principles of economics are not playing against you. If there is much supply available for sale then you will be instructed to start looking around and making offers that are below value for the properties due to this oversupply. Your real estate agent will know exactly when this is because they watch the influx of new listing along with how many houses are actually closing. If demand is high then this is not a good time to get into real estate because you will end up paying too much for the house while competing with other buyers. There are certain times of the year that are best to purchase homes in Sarasota so consulting with a professional will be necessary. You can reach Mr. True at 800-615-1712 and his office is right in the middle of the target city which can be found at:

True Sarasota Real Estate
7061 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota FL, 34231

Something else that you will discuss is what type of real estate you are most interested in. The first which is also the largest would be for commercial real estate. This of course has the highest barrier to entry due to the cost being high, in the millions, but also provides the best returns with the least amount of risk. Any investor with a large sum of money will focus their efforts on these types of buildings in Sarasota. The next opportunity would be in residential real estate which involves the buying and selling of single family homes in a short period of time. Skill and luck will determine your success in this type of market but not too much work is required and you don’t need a tremendous sum of money to participate.

Prior to entering into any contracts or even beginning to think of which type of real estate you would like to buy make sure to do your research at There are many great tools on this website which will educate you on Sarasota real estate and help you reach the most effective conclusion for your interests.

The Standard Procedure For an Expeditor in NYC

When the busy season for constructing homes can back up the local building departments for days with a lot of plan submissions. In that regard, it is very crucial to plan in advance when it comes to scheduling your project of home improvement. In this case, for instance in NYC there are so many quality expeditors who you can contact to verify all the necessary information, which is essential to your plans. This perhaps needs an additional for a custom design or a standard plan of action.
If you are planning to purchase a plan of standard house, you can buy it within the shortest time possible since the lead time is relatively short when it comes to this. If you decide to modify those plans, it’s important to allow yourself some days in order to ensure changes are corrected and are ready for as well you for submission. On the other hand if you decide to go with custom home plans, it’s therefore to allow yourself some months prior to your designated construction start date.

To obtain construction permits in New York City for construction whether new or retrofit is hard to predict and expeditors know best. In some cases, you can make your house plan submissions and get issued with a permit within the shortest time possible, just a matter of days. Commonly, an average of 1 to 2 weeks is the time frame. Based on your plans as to when you are planning to start building your home, the duration it takes to be issued a building permit can last for four weeks and beyond. This period is actually determined by the building activity pace.

The season of the year in which a building permit made plays an important role especially when you receive the construction permits in NYC. Just like any other industry, construction has both peak and off-peak period. In this industry, peak period starts in the early spring. The period then extends through the summer season and finally into the falls before home building projects tends to reduce as winter season approaches. With this trend properly kept in the mind, any expeditor planning to apply for the building permit can effectively plan out all the necessary steps required in order to receive the building permits in NYC at the right time.

In most cases, when the process of applying for construction permits can take a lot of time than expected. For example, the application that you made may sometimes be determined to be not complete as required; perhaps your house plans might require some additional information or any other document in order to satisfy all the requirements of your local building codes. Therefore, it’s very important to ensure all information is included by even asking for help when making your application. There are some permit expeditors like GC Expeditors in NYC with readily available custom care and support to help you correctly and perfectly complete your application.

In conclusion, you cannot determine exactly how long the process of building permit application will take. However, it’s necessary taking some great measures to facilitate and shorten the whole process through the use of an experienced nyc expeditor. Their prices are generally affordable and well worth their cost in return for the convenience provided in your pursuit of a construction permit.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells The Best Workout?

Going to the gym can become a very monotonous and overwhelming task for some individuals so adjustable dumbbells are a perfect alternative to get a quality workout at home or at work. If traffic is bad, your gym is overpopulated or you just don’t have the time to get there and get a solid weight training session in your day then you should definitely consider purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells. This great new product has been embraced by personal training professionals and the price is more than affordable when you consider all of the advantages offered.
Most lifting regiments require an advanced knowledge of equipment and forms that just takes too much thought or leaves you at risk for injury. When working with adjustable dumbbells you are much safer as you can only move around as much as you can handle in each arm. Dumbbells have been used by bodybuilders for years now and their effectiveness is well known as you can hit every single muscle group with the right workout. The only limitation that has existed is you would need to purchase at least 20 different dumbbells to have all of the weights necessary for each of these workouts.
Adjustable dumbbells have revolutionized the industry by providing 10 to 15 sets of dumbbells in a single product through advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques. This also significantly reduces the amount of money you need to spend to get a full set of dumbbells for wherever you would most like to work out. Not to mention the amount of weight and room these items take up should you have a complete set, imagine trying to move locations and have to deal with over 1,000 pounds of iron sitting in the basement. With this new product endorsed by Bowflex you can have all of the advantages without any of the concerns with a complete traditional set.
Furthermore, most manufacturers are offering a complete guide for using your new adjustable dumbbells which outlines each and every exercise available with the dumbbells. This can give you a complete workout every day of the week without ever needing to repeat the same exercise which most of the population finds boring and is the reason that many individuals only go to the gym for a short period of time before quitting. Not to mention the headache and absurd monthly cost associated with most public gym facilities.
We recommend that you at least take a look at investing in a pair of adjustable dumbbells if you have a little bit of space and the desire to improve your health and level of fitness. Many have already transitioned to the home workout with dumbbells and are loving the results. To get started researching which set of adjustable dumbbells is right for you we recommend visiting which has some reviews of the latest and hottest products on the market along with complete guides for consumers.

Naples Real Estate Buying Tips

Naples city is known for its great beaches and golf courses. The beach on the Gulf of Mexico coast stretches more than ten miles and is known for its pristine white sand. With over 70 championship golf courses, Naples is referred to as the “Golf Capital of the World”. Naples real estate has always remained a good investment choice and an excellent place to live. But before investing your hard-earned cash, it is important to consider some factors. A single wrong move may lead to huge financial losses along with emotional stress. Therefore, it is essential to arm yourself with some house buying tips. Here are some useful tips to assist you while buying a property in Naples so that you don’t get into any problem later on.

Market Study

If you want to buy a house in Naples, begin by conducting extensive market research to identify the most attractive investment opportunities. With proper studying, you will be able to find the best deal for you.

Fix Your Budget

The next step is to decide on the budget for your real estate investment. First, establish your investment capacity. Before you settle on the amount to invest, take into account factors like your annual income, monthly expenses, current liabilities etc.

Choose the Type of Real Estate Property

There are many types of properties to choose from. Some of the options you can consider include apartments, independent villas, bungalows, row houses, penthouses and so on. Remember that independent villas and houses will cost more than apartments.

Consider the Location

Location plays an integral role in all types of real estate investments. Your location of choice should be suitable and convenient for you in all ways. Ensure it has all the amenities required to live a comfortable life and is closer to your workplace and your child’s school. So, study various areas in the Naples city and do research on the current property prices.

Check the reputation of the developer or seller

It is very important to check the reputation of the seller, builder or developer from whom you’ll be buying the property. You should purchase a property from companies with an appealing track record of offering properties with the best construction standards in the Naples real estate market. The houses should also be constructed according to the set standards and regulations so that you don’t get into problems later.

Check the Plan

Visit the seller and check all the plans and understand every detail of the house. Take along a real estate agent to guide you in choosing the right property.
A home is where you get solace and peace of mind after working hard throughout the day. It is one of the most costly and precious possessions one can ever have. With the aforementioned tips, you will be able to find the best home in Naples. But to get started, visit where you can find the best home that suits your budget and preferences. All you have to do is enter the minimum and maximum price as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to start your adventure.